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We currently specialize in building web applications for small and medium business owners.

We provide great services and ideass

We are not in the business of one website design fits all. To us every business is unique and deserves a solution to match their core needs. So, we have developed a successful process to deliver beautiful websites and also measurable results.

Websites do not have to cost the world to deliver and for this reason we offer tailored solutions to meet individual budgets. We also do not leave our customers out to dry once their solutions have been delivered. When we take on a project, are in for the long haul!

Bringing development and IT ops together can help you address many app deployment challenges. Our expert guide highlights the benefits of a DevOps approach. Explore how you can successfully integrate your teams to improve collaboration, streamline testing, and more.

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Best Practices for backend and frontend developers

Modern development technology stack

For applications that process millions of transactions per day, scalability, distributed programming and monitoring is very importante

Test Driven Development

This is an evolutionary approach to development which combines test-first development where you write a test before you write just enough production code to fulfill that test and refactoring.


For those who are unfamiliar, GraphQL is an application layer query language. It interprets a string from a server or client, returning the data in a pre-defined schema as dictated by the requester. As the GraphQL official site states: “Describe your data, ask for what you want, get predictable results.“

Agile-based projects

Docker is a container management service. The keywords of Docker are develop, ship and run anywhere. The whole idea of Docker is for developers to easily develop applications, ship them into containers which can then be deployed anywhere.

The Twelve Factors App

Using modern language toolchains alongside the strict separation of code and config that the Heroku CLI and Add-ons program require ensures a portable application and provides a set of environment-independent practices that enable you to run in the same fashion locally as your app does in production.

Follow Steve McConnell Code Complete (Clean code)

For more than a decade, Steve McConnell, one of the premier authors and voices in the software community, has helped change the way developers write code - and produce better software. Now his classic book, CODE COMPLETE, has been fully updated and revised with best practices in the art and science of constructing software

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Strizhak Aleksey

CEO, Full Stack Web Developer

Strizhak Nikolay

Chief accountant, project manager

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